“Most Russian investors have no idea what a crypt is,” – CEO of KickEX

  • Russians are not ready to invest in cryptocurrency

  • Reducing bank rates will not affect the cryptocurrency market in any way

  • Most Russians have no idea what cryptocurrencies are

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The topic of falling bank rates is a lively discussion in society. As usual, experts are divided into two camps: some believe that a decrease in deposit rates, which will undoubtedly follow after a decrease in the general bank rate, will alienate depositors and force them to look for more profitable assets. Others, on the contrary, believe that a decrease in the deposit rate amid rising inflation will force Russians to seek a “safe haven,” that is, assets that can not only save money, but also multiply it.

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Cryptocurrencies can become one of these assets. How likely this theory is and whether cryptocurrency exchanges really should prepare for the influx of clients, BeInCrypto asked Anti Danilevsky, CEO & Founder KickEX exchange.


– How will a decrease in rates on bank deposits in Russia affect interest in cryptocurrencies??

HELL.: No way. Simply because institutional investors, especially Russians, still do not understand anything about cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency traders and holders have no idea what bank rates are..

– What cryptocurrencies will Russians invest in (BTC, or maybe ETH, in connection with the transition to platform 2.0 and the opening of the staking program)?

HELL.: It is possible that not in any way, since in the Russian Federation cryptocurrency may be outlawed from January 1, 2021. If this does not happen, then no one will invest in cryptocurrency anyway, we do not have such people in the country. If we are talking about trade, then, most likely, nothing much will change. The transition to Ethereum 2.0 will give a short hype and that will be the end of it, because Buterin cannot come up with anything functionally new, and Larimer is no longer with him..

– How interesting are cryptocurrencies to Russian investors in the current economic realities? I mean, in financial realities, given the possibility of the adoption of the bill “On digital financial assets”?

AD: Zero percent. Our investors are interested in vodka stalls or tomato trade.

“The majority of Russian investors ...

– Thank you for the interview!

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“The majority of Russian investors ...


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