Cryptocurrency news for today June 8

  • Tokens issued by exchanges should cost more

  • The Pentagon is afraid of bitcoin and the younger generation

  • Institutional investors enter the industry, but too slowly

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Bitcoin continues to sleep peacefully in the range. At the time of this writing, the first cryptocurrency is trading at $ 9,750, while all major altcoins also do not show significant price dynamics. Interestingly, according to the latest research, most of the tokens issued by exchanges are grossly undervalued, and being an Ethereum miner suddenly became more profitable than mining bitcoin. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is working on scenarios for the seizure of power over the financial system by representatives of Generation Z, and institutional investors continue to shun cryptocurrencies..

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Ethereum is ahead of bitcoin in terms of transaction fees

Cryptocurrency news for today June 8

For the second day in a row, Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin in terms of total daily network fees, and this rare occurrence indicates increased market activity and player interest in ETH. On June 6, the total daily commissions on the Ethereum network exceeded those on the Bitcoin network. On June 6 and 7, the total transaction fees for transactions with the second largest digital currency were $ 502,000 and $ 546,000, respectively, while in the case of Bitcoin, the figures were $ 310,000 and $ 252,000, respectively. More details

Institutional Investors Still Don’t Believe in Bitcoin

Despite the fact that since the March crash, when the value of MTC fell to the minimum value of $ 3700, the coin has already won back more than 100% of the value. However, institutional investors still don’t believe in the success of cryptocurrency. A record number of shorts were opened in May, and the companies themselves hoped to profit from the market decline. More details

The Pentagon Prepares for War on Bitcoin and Gen Z

According to a Friday report by the online magazine The Intercept, the 2018 Special Strategic Program involving the Army, Navy and Air Force – or JLASS – suggests frustrated young people are starting the Zbellion uprising in the United States in the 2020s. US military college students used the JLASS series of military exercises to prepare for possible future scenarios. More details

Bitcoin transaction fees plummet by almost 84%

Cryptocurrency news for today June 8

The average bitcoin transaction value has dropped significantly from the highest reached after the halving. The size of the commission for a transaction with bitcoin has reached the lowest level since April 28 and, according to Bitinfocharts, the seisas is only $ 1.083. A little more than two weeks ago, on May 20, the transaction cost $ 6.647 – this is the maximum value in almost two years, which was last recorded in July 2018.

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More details

Most exchange tokens are undervalued – research

Most exchange tokens are undervalued. At least this is the conclusion reached by the TokenInsight analytical agency during the study of exchange-traded assets. Exchange tokens are cryptocurrency assets issued by exchanges. The main purpose of such tokens is to reduce commission costs, however, some traders prefer to use exchange tokens as trading or hodling. More details


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