Do Loyalty Programs Really Create Loyalty? – Customer Service Lesson

Cryptocurrency aggregator CoinGecko introduced a reward system

  • Reward points can be exchanged for tangible goods, but cannot be exchanged for other tokens.

  • Points are not a cryptocurrency or a form of token, CoinGecko notes.

  • Reddit is implementing a similar audience engagement system.

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

True, the CoinGecko service itself notes that the loyalty system does not imply the use of any cryptocurrency or token.

The well-known cryptocurrency aggregator CoinGecko announced the launch of its own loyalty system called Candy.

According to the official announcement, the service will reward virtual points for its users logged in under the account on a daily basis.

Although points are not tokens or cryptocurrencies, they can still be used for some material purposes..

Loyalty points

At launch, users will only be able to earn reward points through daily logins or using the iOS or Android smartphone app.

Reward points can be redeemed for assortment in the CoinGecko store, vouchers for Cobo Wallet or the How to DeFi book, as well as limited edition tokens in Blockchain Heroes.

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In the future, CoinGecko plans to expand the range of products that can be purchased through points.

According to the official announcement, it will not be possible to exchange or send prize points.

Cryptocurrency aggregator CoinGecko ...

Profitable entertainment

A loyalty system is often used to maintain interest among users within a particular service.

The previously popular social platform Reddit also announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency..

The popular American service Reddit announced the development of two tokens called Moon and Bricks. Both tokens work on the Ethereum platform, and users will be able to receive them only with active use of the service.

The tokens themselves, according to Reddit, the tokens are aimed at rewarding authors whose materials were most useful..

Subsequently, tokens can be spent on the purchase of limited badges, as well as memberships in closed groups, participation in promotions and other activities.

Cryptocurrency aggregator CoinGecko ...

Longer term, Reddit plans to reduce token turnover to create artificial scarcity and thrift..

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