Where Proof-of-Keys leader Trace Mayer disappeared

  • Trace Meyer suddenly disappeared and does not make himself felt

  • Crypto community considers Mayer’s disappearance a scam

  • Trace Mayer Inspired Hodlers to Support the Proff-of-Keys Algorithm

Where Proof-of-Keys leader Trace Meyer disappeared

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The crypto community discusses the mysterious disappearance from the information space of the famous cryptocurrency investor, Bitcoin Core lobbyist and leader of the Proof-of-Keys movement Trace Mayer.

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One of the most active lobbyists of Bitcoin Core, as well as the leader of the Proof-of-Keys movement, Trace Mayer, did not make himself felt for more than six months, which aroused the interest and concern of the crypto community. On the Reddit social network, participants are actively discussing the probable reasons for the disappearance of the cryptoinvestor, putting forward a wide variety of versions.

The user @u / nutboltboltnut suggested that Mayer himself became disillusioned with bitcoin, so he no longer supports his own social networks and does not appear in public space for this very reason. By the way, it’s worth noting that Mayer’s last Twitter post was created on February 24th. Since then, Mayer has not published or commented on anything..

Another user @ bjman22 stated that Trace Meyer spoke at several conferences, so we cannot talk about his complete departure from the information field..

“He attended a bitcoin conference (no doubt in Las Vegas in February 2020) and tried to convince the hardcore bitcoiners to ditch bitcoins in favor of MWC (Mimble Wimble Coin), which he claimed would replace bitcoin,” wrote the user.

However, in general, the crypto community believes that with her long silence for no apparent reason, Trace Meyer spoils his reputation, acting as such a “villain” and “crook”.

Bitcoin key

Mayer acts not only as a defender of Bitcoin Core, but also as an active promoter of the new protocol for cryptocurrencies Proof-of-Keys. The essence of the theory is that the owners of a large amount of cryptocurrencies must confirm the presence of keys in order to avoid hacking wallets by hackers.

Trace Mayer on Monetary Sovereignty and Proof of Keys

The BeInCrypto portal wrote about this earlier.

Also, the use of the Proof-of-Keys algorithm helps to improve the bitcoin network. After all, the more people participate in the network, the more stable it becomes, and the risk of losing user tokens due to hacker attacks and scam decreases significantly..


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