Voyager cannot cope with the influx of customers due to the growth of military-technical cooperation

  • Voyager Digital is unable to process customer requests

  • The influx of new customers is associated with blocking from other providers

  • Experts expect bitcoin to double

Voyager cannot cope with the influx of customers due to the growth of military-technical cooperation

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American cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital does not have time to process applications and puts everyone who wants to open an account on a “waiting list”

The excitement on the crypto market grew with bitcoin

Voyager Digital cryptocurrency broker is unable to process applications for registration and account opening. This was reported by the press service of the company. Voyager receives 100 applications every minute, each of which needs to be reviewed and approved. This process is done manually by moderators. To cope with the influx of new customers, the company introduced a “waiting list”. This is a new feature on the broker platform.

“Due to the incredible growth in the number of applications and to ensure the maximum user experience, we have introduced a waiting list function. New users wishing to open an account are automatically placed on the waiting list. We will let you know as soon as it is time to set up your Voyager account, ”the company said in a statement..

Voyager Digital also said the team is working around the clock, but resources are still scarce. The company thanked users for their patience and promised to solve the registration problem in the near future.

There are more and more people who want to invest in bitcoin every day

Voyager Digital believes that the rise in the bitcoin rate has created excitement in the market and an influx of new customers.

“Competing companies are temporarily restricting user access to certain stocks and cryptocurrencies, which have risen significantly in recent days. In this regard, the number of those wishing to register an account with us has grown dramatically, increasing the load on our systems.

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Voyager had to quickly expand its infrastructure overnight to handle new applications, ”the company explained..

Earlier, the editors of BeInCrypto reported that the Robinhood platform closed access to trading in cryptocurrencies and some stocks, including GameStop, citing extreme volatility..

Bitcoin resumed its growth

On Friday, January 29, the main cryptocurrency rose by 20% per hour and was trading at $ 38,200. The cryptocurrency community is sure that Elon Musk is indirectly behind the pump. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX changed his biography to the hashtag “#bitcoin” a couple of minutes before the pump.

However, other experts predicted the rise in the price of bitcoin. For example, the CEO of the KickEx cryptocurrency exchange, Anti Danilevsky, stated that the price of the main cryptocurrency could rise to $ 65,000, and some financial consultants expect the price of bitcoin to rise to $ 100,000..


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