Visa plans full immersion in the cryptocurrency industry

  • Visa intends to develop direction related to cryptocurrencies

  • The payments giant believes the cryptocurrency industry is the future of innovation

  • The company promises to disclose its plans in detail in the near future

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The giant in the field of electronic payments and financial services published an article about the place of cryptocurrencies in the company’s plans.

Key values

Visa’s strategy to exploit the crypto space is built on three “core values”:

  • Security, integrity and trust imply an emphasis on data protection, consumer privacy, fairness and full compliance with applicable laws.
  • Maintaining your own network and independence from individual currencies means the company will support digital currencies and blockchain networks depending on the request from partners and customers.
  • Mutually beneficial partnership means that Visa will work on projects that meet the requirements and are consistent with the company’s areas of competence.

Visa has already provided tens of millions of merchants with access to cryptocurrency, and now the company intends to develop this direction so as not to lose leadership in its industry, gained through innovation. “Expanding on this long legacy requires constant innovation and collaboration with companies in the public and private sector,” says the company’s blog..

Earlier, the head of the company publicly admitted that cryptocurrencies can be a good addition to traditional financial instruments..

Mutually beneficial cooperation

In particular, Visa mentioned a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and an investment in crypto custodian Anchorage. In addition, Visa experts have played an important role in the development of crypto projects such as Zether and FlyClient..

Visa plans full immersion in the cryptocurrency industry

“We know that political leaders and regulators remain wary of digital currencies for a variety of reasons, ranging from consumer protection to payment flexibility. However, we are convinced that these doubts need to be addressed through close cooperation with private and public sector companies. For over 60 years, Visa has invested in building and maintaining a resilient global network that delivers best-of-breed experiences to customers and consumers, ”says the blog..

Visa said it is also working directly with policymakers and nongovernmental organizations to “help build dialogue” on digital currencies, including the development of a central bank‘s digital currency, or CBDC. central banks (CBDC).

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The company said that in the near future they will tell about their plans in more detail, but for now the community can only speculate.


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