US Department of Justice Seeks Victims of 2018 Crypto Scam

  • US authorities intend to return funds from CoinGather scam victims.

  • At the time of the exit scam, the site had $ 100,000.

  • Despite the help of the US authorities, the industry is still actively pursuing massive cryptocurrency scam schemes..

US Department of Justice Seeks Victims of 2018 Crypto Scam

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The US Department of Justice has indicated the search for victims of the CoinGather cryptocurrency exchange, which was closed in 2018. 

According to the published order, the seized cryptocurrencies are currently hosted on a Dell PowerEdge server, serial number JNFHSW1.

However, the Ministry of Justice refused to comment on either the number of seized cryptocurrency assets or the amount in monetary terms..

US Department of Justice Seeks Victims of 2018 Crypto Scam

It is noted that persons wishing to return lost cryptocurrencies on the former server of the exchange have 35 days to contact the Department of Justice of the Eastern District of Michigan.

Invisible exchange

Relevant parties must provide their name, address, email used to log in to the exchange, and date of birth, as well as clarify their ownership at the time of the CoinGather exit scam in the form of signed documentation under penalty of perjury.

In 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange shut down its website, and the exchange’s management was suspected of being a scam. The exchange was one of the key low-level platforms with a turnover of less than $ 100,000.

Nevertheless, according to statistics on social networks, the marketplace still had real customers who could lose funds as a result of a sudden closure..

We will act further

Now the US Department of Justice intends to track them down in order to pay compensation.

“The US plans to hold all cryptocurrencies and other assets located in virtual currency wallets on the Dell PowerEdge server, serial number JNFHSW1,” the order says.

This is not the first time that the American regulator is directly involved in the redistribution of cryptocurrency funds..

In February of this year, the US Federal Marshals Service sold more than 4,000 confiscated bitcoins at auction.

Department of Justice announces guilty plea in 1MDB case

Then the minimum deposit to participate in the auction was $ 200,000.

Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto reported that crypto scammers decided to take advantage of the postponed Olympic Games in Japan in order to once again get other people’s money.

Cybersecurity-focused firm Trend Micro reports that scammers are posed by a team from the Olympic Games Committee and are asking for cryptocurrency donations..

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