TRON blockchain is at the center of a “large-scale attack”

  • TRON blockchain network under attack by smart contract developer

  • The network stopped generating blocks for three hours

  • TRON Ecosystem Remains Least Profitable in Self-Sufficient Cyber ​​Attacks

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The blockchain network of the TRON ecosystem was under a “large-scale attack”, which led to a halt in block generation for several hours

TRON’s distributed ledger stopped generating new blocks for several hours due to a “large-scale attack”. TRON founder Justin Sun announced this on his Twitter account. According to him, a certain smart contract developer turned out to be the attacker..

“The attacker initiated malicious transactions and forced the root user to suspend block production,” Sun said..

The attack, according to Sun, occurred on November 2 at 01:14 UTC during the 4.1 update. After localizing the vulnerability, the TRON blockchain network was able to return to a working state at 4:40 am Moscow time. TRON CEO claims network data remains intact and user assets are safe.

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Vulnerable products

This is not the first time the TRON ecosystem has hit the radar of intruders. At the end of September, Taurus head of strategic planning and development, Jean-Philippe Omasson, discovered that the popular TronLink wallet uses simple AES-ECB encryption. As Omasson explains, this is a poor choice as ECB mode doesn’t really protect encrypted data enough..

TRON blockchain is at the center of a 'large-scale attack'

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With this encryption mode, a hacker can carry out a local attack by hacking the user’s own device and thus effortlessly transfer the TRX cryptocurrency to his address. Taurus top manager emphasizes that the vulnerability does not apply to all holders of TRX cryptocurrency, but only to users of the TronLink wallet.

TRON blockchain is at the center of a 'large-scale attack'

Least profitable to attack

However, TRON is far from the only service in the cryptocurrency market that has come under pressure from cybercriminals. At the end of August, the Ethereum Classic blockchain network fell victim to a 51% attack for the third time, which led to the reorganization of more than 7,000 blocks. Frequent attacks on the network led the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange to announce the possible delisting of the coin to avoid further losses.

According to the Atlas VPN application specialists, since its inception, the blockchain industry has lost $ 13.6 billion due to 330 hacker attacks. Despite such a large scale, attacks on the blockchain turned out to be the least profitable for cybercriminals. In the case of TRON, which turned out to be the least profitable for cybercriminals, the complexity of cybercriminals carried out 21 successful attacks on ecosystem applications, gaining a total of $ 1.22 million (about $ 58.3 thousand per hack).

At the time of this writing, the TRX / USDT price is $ 0.025.

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