Tool for creating smart contracts has been downloaded 3.5 million times

  • Truffle is downloaded approximately 120,000 times per month

  • The number of Ethereum programmers reaches 350,000 by the most conservative estimate

  • Developers learn new languages

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Users have downloaded the Truffle smart contract development tool used by Ethereum developers over 3.5 million times, with the majority of downloads in the past two years.

Who are all these people

Currently, a tool that is as easy to use as the npm package manager is downloaded approximately 120,000 times per month..

Tool for creating smart contracts has been downloaded 3.5 million times

Truffle is reported to support “native smart contract compilation, linking, deployment and binary management [and] automated testing of contracts in the Mocha and Chai test environment,” among others..

It also supports the Ganache application, which is literally an individual blockchain running on a personal computer like Localhost..

Creating a local server on your own blockchain seems so attractive that you want to try to do it yourself. So the program is not necessarily downloaded by professional encoders..

In addition, this is a maximum of 3.5 million devices, not people. Even so, it is possible to install the same package twice or, if you are very unlucky, maybe even ten times on the same device. In addition, this is a kind of indicator that allows you to roughly estimate the possible number of Ethereum encoders.

If you cut it 10 times, you get a very conservative estimate – 350,000 Ethereum developers. Conservative – because it is likely that most enterprise blockchain projects are implemented with the participation of 10 or more people who know or are studying the Solidity language. It turns out that there are about 3,000 decentralized applications running on the public Ethereum network, most of which require experienced programmers..

What is the attraction of Ethereum

In addition, the biggest incentive to study Solidity is ultra-short-term unsecured loans (flashloans) – the best invention after Bitcoin itself. This requires programming skills in the Solidity language, since certain parameters must be set. The code can be quite complex, as shown recently by one person who borrowed $ 30 million for almost no cost..

In addition, there are bots, especially in the field of defiDecentralized Finance (DeFi) is a financial services built on blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and …

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More, while developers need to know the Solidity language, since the bot needs to comply with or use the rules of smart contracts, which are often written in the Solidity language. Although the Vyper language is also sometimes used.

Therefore, there are many reasons why many people want to experiment with their own local blockchain and smart contracts, and all this is quite easy to do if there is time and at least average skills..

This means that VC studio ConsenSys’ goal of a million Ethereum developers may not be all that hard to achieve, not least because there are now readily available means of realizing opportunities in decentralized finance..


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