Tim Draper Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange WordPress Plugin

  • New cryptocurrency plugin coming to WordPress

  • Content authors will be able to add cryptocurrency buying and selling functionality to their sites

  • The plugin is protected from hacking and hacker attacks

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Tim Draper’s venture capital firm has released a WordPress plugin that claims to make cryptocurrency trading more democratic.

California studio Draper Goren Holm on Wednesday launched a new plugin called Cryptocurrency Exchange. It allows you to add cryptocurrency trading functions to any website in one click, or even create your own crypto exchange..

One step closer to the dream

A press release from the venture studio states that the plugin is available to any website owner: blogger, content author, media company, or entrepreneur. Tim Draper, who partnered with Goren Holm in 2019, said the plugin will “bring us closer to the dream of a world that truly has no boundaries.”.

Tim Draper has launched a WordPress plugin ...

One of the founders of the firm, Alon Goren, who is actually the author of the plugin, noted that 35% of the Internet is built with WordPress. Launching a new product on a popular platform means everyone can now have their own cryptocurrency exchange, he said..

The plugin can be customized to suit the needs of the user, but it is not an exchange per se. Using an API based on the cryptocurrency exchange platform Totle, it routes orders to decentralized trading platforms with the best prices. It also lacks built-in storage for digital assets, however, it is compatible with existing wallet plugins such as MetaMask, Brave and Coinbase Wallet..

Safety first

Due to its architecture, the tool is arguably protected from classic hacks, the security features of the plugin were mentioned in a press release from Draper Goren Holm.

Despite the general availability of the WordPress system, which allowed users to pay in bitcoin until 2015, users do not always choose the most effective security methods. WP White Security said that in 2013, over 70% of all WordPress sites were vulnerable to attacks due to incorrect password policies or outdated firewalls.

Totle’s API allows developers to “integrate complex exchange functions into the product” for Ether and “popular” ERC-20 tokens such as DAI and BAT. It can support cryptocurrency swaps, send payments, receive data on the value of asset pairs, and perform exchanges on request..

“Totle has always strived to make decentralized exchanges.

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Cryptocurrencies continue to march across the planet, becoming more and more active in the mainstream and finding new areas of application. People buy bitcoin, … More is more affordable and easier to use, – said David Bleznack, founder and CEO of Totle. The WordPress plugin is another step towards empowering global free markets. “.

Do you think this plugin will be popular? Would you like to add this functionality to your blog or website? Share your opinion in the comments.


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