Flare Network creators have calculated the amount of airdrop tokens Spark

  • Flare Network project calculates the amount of FLR tokens to be distributed to airdrop participants

  • It was originally planned to distribute 800 million less tokens

  • Actual distribution is scheduled for 2021

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Developers of the loudest token giveaway in XRP history count the number of Spark tokens allocated for the airdrop

The creators of the Flare Network blockchain ecosystem have calculated the amount of Spark tokens (FLR) that will be issued to airdrop participants. According to the official announcement on the project’s blog, the developers will give away over 45.8 billion FLR tokens.

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The developers noted that the announced amount differs from the initial one by 800 million tokens due to the floating position of charitable organizations that hold their assets in Ripple’s custodians, but have not yet participated. It was originally planned that the distribution of FLR will not exceed 45 billion units.

The creators of Flare Network calculated ...

Calculation method

According to the Flare Network team, it took a week to count the distributed tokens. Calculated by the formula:

Source: blog.flare.xyz

  • Spark claimable: the amount of Spark tokens claimed by XRP holders;
  • XRP owned: The amount of XRP owned by the requested address;
  • XRP total: The total XRP volume at the time the wallet snapshot was taken (99,990,822,918 XRP)
  • XRP Ripple: The amount of XRP held in accounts associated with Ripple (54,172,271,587 XRP)
  • XRP NPE: The amount of XRP reserved by non-participating exchanges (322,744,698)
  • Distribution amount: the number of FLR tokens distributed among XRP holders.

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After calculating the total number of XRP tokens placed as part of the airdrop, Flare Network concluded that 45,827,728,412 FLR would be spent on the distribution (approximately 1.0073 FLR for each XRP that participated in the distribution). Total issue FLR 100 billion, minus the amount to be received by the Flare Foundation.

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Earlier, XRP, the third largest digital asset by capitalization, more than doubled in price in just a few days and reached a two-year high amid the airdrop of FLR tokens.

XRP / USDT price at the time of writing is $ 0.526.

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The creators of Flare Network calculated ...


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