Rosgvardia asked ₽11 billion for digitalization

  • Rosgvardia asked for almost RUB 11 billion for digitization of the department

  • Experts call for transparency in auditing such requests

  • The Accounts Chamber previously recorded an abnormal jump in budget spending on IT technologies

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

Rosgvardia plans to spend 10.8 billion rubles on the digitization of accounting for civilian weapons and services of the department, as well as on the transfer of infrastructure to domestic software

Rosgvardia has calculated how much budget funds need to be allocated for the digitalization of the department.

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Kommersant writes about this referring to the digitalization plan, which was confirmed by a federal source.

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According to the request of the Russian Guard, in order to digitize the structures of the law enforcement agency from 2021 to 2023, it is necessary to allocate ₽10.8 billion from the budget. The agency argues that such amounts will be the infrastructure of the National Guard was transferred to domestic software.

The department itself declined to comment.

Modest numbers

According to the experts interviewed by Kommersant, the Rosgvardia’s requests are lower than those of other law enforcement agencies (the Ministry of Internal Affairs asks for ₽55 billion, and the FSIN – ₽25 billion). Of the requested nearly RUB11 billion, RUB6.7 billion, the department wants to spend on maintaining the existing infrastructure and launching new services.

Rosgvardia asked ₽11 billion for digitalization

For example, Rosgvardia intends to spend only ₽470 million on the “operation of printing devices.” The remaining ₽3.8 billion will go to digitize public services, and another ₽373 million to equip telecommunications equipment.

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Earlier, the editorial board of BeInCrypto reported that the Audit Chamber revealed a sharp jump in the spending of budget funds on IT processes in several ministries, calling such an increase “abnormal”. The Accounts Chamber noted that Rosgvardia increased spending from ₽2.86 billion rubles to ₽4.5 billion rubles as part of digitalization.

In mid-October, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the state must keep up with global trends and called for the formation of the state in the form of a digital platform “in a good sense of the word”.

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Rosgvardia asked ₽11 billion for digitalization


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