Reddit launches its own cryptocurrency

  • Reddit Launches Its Own Tokens for Community Members

  • Project tokens can be sold or used as a means of payment

  • The potential audience of token users exceeds 21 million

Reddit launches its own cryptocurrency

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

Popular media platform Medium is launching its own cryptocurrency. The company has launched two new tokens developed on the Ethereum platform that can be earned, not bought. You can get tokens in the / r / Cryptovrency and / r / FortniteBR directories.

Reddit launches its own cryptocurrency

Moon and Bricks: New Tokens and New Pictures


The first two tokens on Reddit were named Moon and Bricks, which translated from English means “moon” and “brick”. The corresponding symbols have been specially developed for the coins, the use of which is typical for Reddit users. You can get tokens after installing an ERC-20 token wallet and installing the Reddit mobile application.

According to the official statement of Reddit, tokens can be used within the platform to reward authors, whose materials turned out to be the most useful and interesting, for buying badges and icons, membership in closed groups, participating in promotions and other activities. The number of tokens is planned to be phased out to make them a scarce asset.

For example, the company plans to issue 250 million Moon tokens, which will be burned on the blockchain immediately after they are used to pay for badges and encourage authors. That is, over time, the number of tokens will naturally decrease. At the same time, the cost of tokens will not decrease. For example, if a community membership costs $ 1000 today, then in a few years it will cost $ 50.

Also, Reddit tokens will be traded on exchanges, so you can consider them as a commodity.

How to earn Reddit tokens


Today there are about 21 million users of the Reddit platform.

🔴¿Cómo GANAR dinero (Cripto TOKENS) en REDDIT?

Each user can earn tokens, which can then be sold or used within the project. You can earn tokens in several ways:

  • publish interesting and useful content by receiving tokens from moderators;
  • to act as a moderator yourself and get a certain supply of tokens.

Initially, Reddit plans to donate 50 million tokens to existing moderators to reward contributors. Later, the authors themselves can transfer tokens to other participants or send them to pay for membership in closed communities or make other purchases within the project.

“Community tokens are currently in beta (until summer 2020). During this time, they will be included in the Rinkeby testnet and balances, transactions and memberships can be flushed. After the feature leaves beta, community points will be transferred to the Ethereum network. The balances of tokens will be transferred, although they will need to be restored) “, – it was said in the message.


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