Pompliano calls Bitcoin an asset with the perfect combination of risk and reward

  • Anthony Pompliano considers Bitcoin a risky investment

  • Bitcoin became the most efficient investment asset in 2020

  • The number of Bitcoin hodlers is constantly increasing

Pompliano called Bitcoin an asset ...

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Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano sees bitcoin as risky but capable of generating quick profits.

Bitcoin remains a risky asset

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and bitcoin supporter Anthony Pompliano does not deny that bitcoin is still a risky asset, but it is capable of generating profits for its holders. The expert voiced this idea on his Twitter page..

Such a statement caused a mixed reaction among Pompliano’s subscribers and crypto enthusiasts. Most of the users supported the idea of ​​a cryptoexpert and considered Bitcoin to be a really profitable investment after a number of large companies directed part of their funds to buy cryptocurrency.

For example, @ ZackG1982 wrote that “forward-thinking companies will use some of their bitcoin cash reserves for long-term storage.” But there are those who disagree with Pompliano’s position. considering it too volatile asset, unsuitable for real use.

While the controversy over the profitability of cryptocurrencies continues on Twitter, statistics show that Bitcoin remains the most profitable asset in 2020. The coin showed a yield of 44%. By this indicator, the crypto coin has overtaken gold, the NASDAQ index, US bonds and other markets..

Is Bitcoin so stable

Despite the fact that institutional investors, large companies and retail users are actively buying bitcoin, there is still no consensus on how the price of the coin will change in the future.

Experts predict that the price of the main cryptocurrency will collapse to $ 9,000 in October. There are at least three reasons for this, including the US presidential election and a new scandal over Venezuela..

But other crypto experts claim that the price of bitcoin could increase 10 times by 2025. This is the conclusion reached by Bloomberg cryptocurrency analyst Mike McGlone in his new report. According to McGlone, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization tends to “add zeros to its price”, citing the asset’s last jump from 1,000 to $ 10,000 in less than four years..

And although the opinions of experts were divided, the number of bitcoin hodlers is constantly growing, which indicates a high interest of investors in cryptocurrency..


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