Over 50% of gamers want to store in-game goods on the blockchain – research

  • Gamers find it convenient to implement blockchain support for transferring in-game purchases

  • Distributed ledger technology will enable the creation of metauniverses, says Vorhaus Advisors founder

  • As the blockchain evolves, the line between work and play will blur

More than 50% of gamers want to store ...

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Two-thirds of gamers surveyed by Vorhaus Advisors want to store in-game purchases on the blockchain to move between different games

More than 60% of gamers say they would spend more on in-game items if they could be moved between games or if the items had real value. This is the conclusion reached by the consulting firm Vorhaus Advisors.

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According to the survey, blockchain-enabled games could be in much higher demand than regular games. With distributed ledger technology, players could move in-game items between different games.

Overall, the report says that people are interested in developers that allow players to make money by exchanging virtual goods within games..

Digital metaverse

The survey analyzed the opinions of over 2,000 consumers (surveyed in the summer) to assess how they view virtual goods and blockchain functions in games..

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 “I think blockchain is not a fad, even if it’s not that well known.

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When people learn about it, they will find it is a very deep, real and elegant technology, ”says Mike Voarhaus, founder of Vorhaus Advisors. 

The target group most attracted to blockchain in games are people between the ages of 18 and 34. The ability to move your goods from one world to another is an entertaining feature of the metaverse, Voorhaus notes..

“We know the metaverse will need to maintain the same identity throughout, and there are many people who believe blockchain will be useful for this,” he added..

Job 2.0

More than half of virtual product buyers (51%) expressed an interest in earning income from purchased games. The ability to create, own, and trade digital assets can significantly reduce the line between play and work, according to research..

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At the same time, according to analysts from Million Insights, the blockchain technology market will exceed $ 57 million by 2025 and will grow by an average of 69.4% annually. At the same time, the key consumers of the technology will be such sectors as healthcare, finance, international settlements, media, logistics and public administration..

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