MicroStrategy bought almost 17 thousand bitcoins for $ 183 million

  • MicroStrategy Announces Acquisition Of Over 16,000 Bitcoins

  • Buying coins is part of the company’s investment strategy

  • To date, the firm has spent $ 400 million on buying BTC

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The purchase was made as part of the company’s ongoing shift in priorities to cryptocurrencies

Microstrategy, a business intelligence, mobile software and cloud services company, has acquired an additional 16,796 bitcoins while continuing to actively invest in digital assets. Last month, a public analytics firm made an even bigger investment, buying over 20,000 BTC.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor tweeted that on September 14, his company completed a purchase of $ 16,796 for $ 175 million (at the time of the coin).

In August, the company reported the acquisition of 21,454 BTC for a combined $ 250 million. These purchases are made in full accordance with the investment strategy of the firm, which considers Bitcoin to be a reliable store of value and an attractive asset for investment. Michael Sailor also noted:

We have acquired a total of 38,250 bitcoins for $ 425 million to date, including all fees and costs..

On the crest of a virtual wave

Back in 2012, Sailor wrote about the so-called “mobile wave”, which talked about the impact that mobile computers have on business and politics. Then the company focused on the “virtual wave”, which personified the rapid dematerialization of products, services and processes due to the development of technology. By the way, this process has accelerated significantly this year due to the global lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic..

The company argues its new purchase of bitcoins with the belief that within the framework of the aforementioned transition processes, bitcoin should benefit from what is happening.


MicroStrategy calls BTC digital gold, surpassing any other money in a number of parameters..

Sailor also highlights the numerous attractive features of the first cryptocurrency, including global adoption, brand awareness, and the viability of the digital asset ecosystem as a whole..

However, the CEO of MicroStrategy did not always sing odes to Bitcoin – in 2013 he was sure that the days of BTC were numbered.

MicroStrategy bought almost 17 thousand bitcoins for $ 183 million




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