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Kraken CEO says interest in cryptoassets is growing

  • Cryptocurrency market is reviving despite the global crisis

  • Cryptocurrencies will become the main investment instrument during the crisis

  • Kraken creates new jobs for remote workers

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The head of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, Jesse Powell, said that the cryptocurrency market is only winning during the global financial crisis. When other companies make attempts to stabilize the situation, including the use of such unpopular measures as staff reductions, the crypto platform, on the contrary, creates jobs..

Over the past few months, she has increased the number of employees by 10%. In particular, the exchange actively attracts developers, technical specialists, and employees of the Compliance direction for cooperation. At the same time, employees do not need to be personally present at the company’s office, especially during the global quarantine period associated with the coronavirus epidemic. These jobs can be done from home.

As Powell noted, there is an increase in registrations on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange every day. More and more people replenish their accounts for the further purchase of cryptocurrency. And such activity signals that the market is preparing for growth..

Kraken CEO claims ...

According to Jesse Powell, the market is at the start of a bullish trend. Over the past week, bitcoin has increased in value by 30% and continues to grow. Now, favorable conditions have been created for traders and investors when the coin is at the lowest price level, and there is a real opportunity to purchase bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies at reduced prices. Of course, cryptocurrencies, as an asset, remain quite volatile, but at the same time, digital currencies can become an excellent investment tool in the long term. Today there is a certain correlation between cryptocurrencies and the stock market, but Powell himself says that it is negligible..

In addition, Powell said that despite the fact that the world is in crisis and many companies are forced to leave the market or significantly reduce their presence in it, Kraken as a business is doing very well: it is developing and expanding its presence. Almost all large cryptocurrency companies have only become stronger from the crisis, as investors refuse to invest in traditional instruments, preferring cryptocurrencies.


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