Investments in bitcoin always pay off – head of Bitcoin Ultimatum

  • Bitcoin remains the only asset that always pays off according to the head of the crypto exchange Coinsbit

  • There are many earning opportunities in the cryptocurrency market

  • Ukraine will become a leader if it becomes a stable country without corrupt schemes, notes Udyansky

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The head of Bitcoin Ultimatum believes that investments in the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization always pay off despite market volatility

It is always profitable to invest in bitcoin regardless of market conditions. Nikolay Udyansky, founder of the Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange and the Bitcoin Ultimatum fork, said this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

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In his opinion, investing in bitcoin always pays off despite sharp jumps in the rate..

“No matter how much the price goes down, it will always recover and give its plus. It’s just a matter of time and keeping calm, “Udyansky said..

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Udyansky also believes that the cryptocurrency market is still relatively young, so you can always make money here:

“I have always been of the opinion that you need to serve something new, some kind of HYIP integrations and you will never be left without work.”.

According to the official description on the Github page, the concept of Bitcoin Ultimatum is to create a sandbox of smart contracts, similar to the Ethereum ecosystem. The main goal of the project is to create a hybrid of the Leased Proof-of-Stake (LPoS) and Proof of authority (PoA) mining algorithm and build a decentralized infrastructure with limited validators on it..

Do not steal, but create

Udyansky dreams of closing all offices in Miami, Phuket, and Hong Kong and opening one big one in Ukraine. Nevertheless, for this it is necessary to attract foreign investors into the economy, but this is possible only with relative stability and low corruption..

“Not to steal, but to create something. This is the only effective way to restore the economy, “he said..

According to Udyansky, the government is “still too corrupt”, so he is in no hurry to embody his dream of having a large office in Ukraine.

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The statements of the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit were made a couple of weeks after the head of the State Geocadastre of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko said that international donor funds were “well laundered” using blockchain technology in the cadastral market.

Investing in bitcoin always pays off ...

However, Ukraine is far from the only country in the post-Soviet space where the blockchain is deliberately used for other purposes. The BeInCrypto editorial staff previously reported that according to Sergei Golubitsky, the author of the and projects, the blockchain is deliberately not decentralized in Russia. Golubitsky believes that the emergence of a decentralized toolkit is absolutely unacceptable for a government that controls an archaic society without democratic traditions..

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Investing in bitcoin always pays off ...


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