Institutional Investors Rescue From Inflation In Bitcoin Futures

  • Open Interest in Bitcoin Futures on CME at New All-Time High

  • Open interest on CME reached a new high at $ 841 million earlier this week

  • The trend indicates a growing interest in the instrument from investors who previously preferred traditional finance

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Institutional investors are showing increasing interest in bitcoin, perhaps amid worries about the purchasing power of fiat currencies.

Institutional Investors Save ...

Interest in bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) continues to grow, signaling further attraction of institutional investors, who until recently bypassed this asset due to increased volatility and other risks.

Institutional Investors Save ...

Today, the CFTC-regulated Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the third largest Bitcoin futures market in terms of the number of open contracts, as evidenced by data from the analytical portal Skew. Open interest on CME reached a new high at $ 841 million earlier this week. Yesterday this figure was 800 million.

As a reminder, futures contracts allow traders to buy and sell an asset at a specific price in the future. In the case of Bitcoin futures, investors can speculate on its price without actually buying BTC itself..

Unregulated exchanges like BitMEX or Binance continue to attract more investors than CMEs.

Earlier this year…

However, the latest Skew data shows that regulated exchanges are rapidly catching up with their unregulated counterparts..

However, one of the possible reasons for the growing interest in Bitcoin futures on the CME may be the recent weakening of the dollar. Investors in this way hedge inflation risks.

Charles Boward, Vice President of Quantum Economics, emphasizes that open interest in BTC futures on CME was $ 365 million back in July, and now exceeds $ 800 million, which is equivalent to a gain of more than 100%, and this is a direct evidence of growing demand from institutional investor side.

One of the drivers of this growth is the continuous operation of the printing presses of the world’s central banks, which in turn fuels the acceleration of inflation..

In early August, interest in regulated bitcoin derivatives markets hit new highs, signaling further growth in the adoption of cryptoassets by investors in traditional finance..


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