File sharing is also becoming decentralized

  • Blockchain startup Skynet Labs has launched a system for developing applications SkyDB

  • The system will allow users to create decentralized versions of apps like Twitter and Instagram

  • Apps will be linked, allowing users to find each other across different platforms

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Skynet Labs, developer of Sia, has released a component for creating a connected network of open source decentralized applications

File sharing is also becoming decentralized

Blockchain startup Skynet Labs has developed a decentralized alternative to traditional file-sharing platforms, which will further allow developers to create alternatives to apps like Twitter and Instagram..

The decentralized version of such applications offers an alternative to existing models such as Filecoin and Storj.

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Essentially, SkyDB enables the development of decentralized accounts and applications, and this basic feature allows users to store mutable data in a decentralized way. Moreover, the SkyDB system is the basis of a larger project in the Skynet Lab arsenal under the same name Skynet.

Step towards Skynet

Skynet is a hosting platform that today hosts hundreds of Ethereum-powered decentralized applications, including the incredibly popular Uniswap decentralized exchange..

With the launch of SkyDB, Skynet has taken another step towards realizing its next goal of creating decentralized applications accessible from anywhere in the world and from any device. Thus, the startup eliminates the risk of de-platformization, since no one can deny users access to their data..

Skynet also eliminates the need for infrastructure, allowing developers to run their own iteration when centralized web applications lack a server or database. In addition to creating applications, Skynet allows free updates. This means that any user can update any existing protocol without the approval of the original developer..

File sharing is also becoming decentralized

Skynet also provides so-called “mixed applications”. With this crossover function, users can find each other without having to use multiple applications..

In his blog, Skynet Labs writes:

With SkyDB, developers will have access to all the data ever published on Skynet. The Internet is transforming from a fractured archipelago, where each application needs to build its own data cache, into a single organism, where each application can use any data in Skynet.


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