Cryptocurrency News for Today May 15

  • Bitcoin has formed a falling high on the chart.

  • Average Bitcoin transaction fees now exceed $ 2.50

  • $ 22.5 Million Bitcoins Stuck On Ethereum Network

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After several days of growth, Bitcoin stalled on the way to the round $ 10,000 mark, and now its further rally is in question. At the same time, commissions for transactions with the main digital currency have increased in recent weeks and are now at their highest levels since the summer of 2019. Meanwhile, the popular media platform Medium announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency – two new tokens developed on the Ethereum platform can be earned, not bought. Meanwhile, Russia, thanks to cheap electricity and low temperatures, has a chance to squeeze out China, which today is the center of mining life. But the head of Binance warns that Bitcoin miners can start storing the mined cryptocurrency to their own detriment, just not to sell the asset at an unfavorable rate..

Read about the situation in the cryptocurrency market, as well as about the key events that have occurred in the cryptocurrency industry over the past day, in our daily digest..

Will the bitcoin rate break through the $ 10,000 mark?

On May 14, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a very busy and volatile day. The cryptocurrency reached a maximum of $ 9939, and then in a matter of minutes fell to $ 9511, which became one of the largest falls in the history of MTC on a minute chart. However, the bulls followed the attack again and reached $ 9800. Today, May 15, began with a new decline. More details

Cryptocurrency News for Today May 15

Bitcoin transaction fees hover near annual highs

In anticipation of such a widely anticipated event as halving, Bitcoin halving is cutting the number of new coins miners create and earn by half. This happens roughly every four years and … More, the activity on the bitcoin network since the end of April has shown a noticeable increase in a number of indicators. One of them was the size of commissions for transactions with MTC – although their growth was still incomparable with the situation at the end of 2017. More details

Reddit launches its own cryptocurrency

The first two tokens on Reddit were named Moon and Bricks, which translated from English means “moon” and “brick”. The corresponding symbols have been specially developed for the coins, the use of which is typical for Reddit users. You can get tokens after installing an ERC-20 token wallet and installing the Reddit mobile application.

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More details

Russia may become a new oasis for miners

The main advantages of Russia for miners remain cheap electricity, cold, as well as the presence of a huge number of unused buildings that can be converted into mining farms. More details

Bitcoin halving could have other implications, says Binance CEO

The head of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao believes that the consequences of the Bitcoin halving may take a completely different turn than many thought. Binance co-founder said this during the Consensus conference. More details

Cryptocurrency News for Today May 15


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