Voyager’s assets managed by cryptocurrency investment company exceeded $ 100 million

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Voyager Digital, which opens access for institutional investors to invest in cryptocurrencies, announced that its assets increased 20 times and exceeded $ 100 million.

Assets in cryptocurrency management ...

50 digital assets are available for investors

Investment firm Voyager Digital said the assets under its management (AUM) exceeded $ 100 million, up 20 times from the $ 5 million it managed at the end of December last year..

“Voyager has experienced exponential growth over the past few months, which has resulted in our AUMs exceeding $ 100 million. Voyager today offers over 50 digital assets, including 22 interest earning assets. The daily number of deposits averages 25 from new investors, ”said Steven Ehrlich, co-founder and CEO of Voyager.

As explained by Stephen Ehrlich, this year the company has significantly expanded the range of investment products for its clients, and also launched debit cards and other banking products..

Assets in cryptocurrency management ...

Investment companies increase revenues thanks to MTC

Square also reported the windfall this week.

Gross Profit Margin (GPM)

According to the statement, the company sold over $ 1.63 billion in bitcoins, while the company’s total net profit from this activity was $ 32 million. The latest quarterly sales accounted for almost 90% of all sales in previous quarters, which indicates the growth of the cryptocurrency business..

Taking into account the cost of acquiring bitcoins, Square generated $ 32 million in gross profit from coin sales, more than 15 times more than last year and more than 4% of the company’s total gross profit..

Whales and institutional investors continue to invest in bitcoin futures to escape rapidly rising currency inflation. In August this year, open interest in BTC futures on the Chicago Board of Trade (CME) reached a new high at $ 841 million.

Unregulated exchanges like BitMEX or Binance continue to attract more investors than CMEs. However, the latest Skew data shows that regulated exchanges are rapidly catching up with their unregulated counterparts. One of the drivers of this growth is the continuous operation of the printing presses of the world’s central banks, which in turn fuels the acceleration of inflation..


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