Apple joins charges against YouTube

  • Apple accuses YouTube of distributing fraudulent videos

  • More than 17 companies became victims of scammers

  • Cardano and Ripple have already sued on YouTube

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak intends to sue YouTube for misuse of his photo by crypto scammers who distributed fake videos about the distribution of cryptocurrency.

Apple does not give out bitcoins


A whole series of fraudulent videos has been published on YouTube with the participation of well-known persons who allegedly announced an unprecedented distribution of cryptocurrency. In particular, the videos said that if you deposit cryptocurrency now, you can get much more coins in the near future. Many users believed in fake offers and transferred millions of dollars to the scammers’ accounts.

Cyber ​​criminals used Steve Wozniak‘s photos and videos to extort bitcoins from Youtube viewers. This became known only after the accusations fell on Wozniak himself. He was quick to declare that he had nothing to do with the distribution of bitcoins, and also decided to sue on YouTube.

The corresponding statement about the beginning of the litigation was published by the law firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy. It states that Google and its subsidiary YouTube failed to protect users from fake Bitcoin-related fraudulent channels, leading to the compromise of famous personalities..

“If YouTube acted quickly to stop this within reasonable limits, we wouldn’t be here now,” Wozniak said..

According to Joe Cotchett, one of Cotchett’s partners, Pitre & McCarthy, YouTube “deliberately let the bitcoin scam last months, promoted and profited from it by selling targeted ads.”.

Wozniak and 17 other victims from the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Malaysia, China, and Europe who were victims of BTC scams filed a complaint. 

Cardano and Ripple also suffered


Other popular projects such as Cardano and Ripple were also among the victims of crypto scammers. Earlier, BeInCrypto reported that Ripple has already sued YouTube for distributing fraudulent videos related to the distribution of cryptocurrency. The plaintiff in the person of Ripple wants to prosecute the video hosting for the fact that they do not “aggressively and carefully enough control the dissemination of information by third parties. Note that this is not the first time that scammers have used YouTube to distribute fake videos..

The Cardano project also suffered from the actions of fraudsters. The criminals launched a whole series of videos that talked about the free distribution of tokens. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wrote about this on his Twitter page.

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According to him, the scammers compromised Hoskinson’s speech at a conference, where he asks users to subscribe to the project’s new YouTube channel. Cybercriminals reworked the recording and circulated it online. On it, Hoskinson allegedly says that the company is ready to issue free ADA tokens for a subscription to the channel..

Apple joins charges against YouTube

YouTube was quick to declare that it had nothing to do with what was happening. In a public statement, YouTube representatives claim they did not violate Article 230 of the federal law governing information distribution..


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