Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak releases his token

  • WOZX went on sale on HBTC; next listing in Bithumb Global

  • Wozniak’s company Efforce specializes in energy efficiency

  • The energy efficiency market is estimated at 241 billion a year

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All geek legend Steve Wozniak merges green technology and blockchain at Efforce

Steve Wozniak Enters the $ 241 Billion Energy Efficiency Market The co-founder of Apple announced the public launch of Efforce, an energy-efficient blockchain-based platform Efforce will fund energy-saving projects through token sales. HBTC added WOZX to listing on December 3rd. Also, it will appear on Bithumb Global next week..

$ 241 billion idea

The creators of Efforce argue that corporate energy conservation projects provide significant savings and are beneficial to the environment. However, it is difficult for small businesses to attract funding to implement such projects. Efforce offers a platform where such companies can find interested investors. Efforce essentially proposes tokenize future savings from energy saving projects, and sell them, thus attracting funding. All transactions are recorded by smart contracts

Efforce’s investor booklet says the energy efficiency market has reached $ 241 billion and continues to grow at an average of 10% per year..

Efforce worked in “quiet mode” for most of 2019 with Wozniak. However, his participation in the project has long been a secret of Punchinelles, since from time to time the media and the Maltese authorities paid attention to his activities. Wozniak is rumored to have discussed his project with the founder of the TRON empire, Justin Sun, who became famous for paying $ 4.6 million for a dinner with Warren Buffett..


WOZX is a utility token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More projects. According to the white paper, the total issue will be one billion tokens.

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The initial value of the token will determine the outcome of the private placement. However, the project documentation states that potential investors deposit Tether at the rate of 1 USDT per WOZX.

It is unclear how mining will work. The authors of the project mention it, but do not disclose any details. Mining will start after the launch of the project. And the block reward will decrease annually.

Bonuses and incentives

Efforce is putting aside a fifth of the tokens. The company plans to pay them as bonuses to the project participants. These include not only investors, but also everyone who, in one way or another, takes part in the life of the project. The amounts and terms of payments are not specified in the project documentation. They are for funding affiliate fees and mining.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak releases his token

Will the idea work?

The perplexing lack of mining details in the whitepaper could scare off potential contributors. However, the very idea and involvement of Steve Wozniak is likely to be a good bait. Perhaps more information about the project will appear after listing on Bithumb Global this month.


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