Andreessen Horowitz plans to raise $ 450 million to open a new fund

  • New Cryptocurrency Fund Will Provide Direct Investor Access To Cryptocurrencies

  • Andreessen Horowitz Launches Second Cryptocurrency Fund

  • Andreessen Horowitz will support blockchain start-up projects

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Investment firm Andreessen Horowitz intends to launch a second cryptocurrency fund, which will allow investors to directly purchase tokens and cryptocurrencies, as well as hold clients’ investments for a longer period. This was reported by “two people who are familiar with the situation.” Given that the company launched its first $ 350 million cryptocurrency fund two years ago, this seems like a plausible statement..

Andreessen Horowitz is known to support cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects for a long time. For example, an investment company has long supported the idea of ​​creating the Calibra blockchain and the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency.In June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the Libra digital currency. The social networking project immediately caught the eye … More, founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

According to “people close to the company,” Andreessen Horowitz could complete fundraising for the creation of a second cryptocurrency fund within a few weeks. However, attracting investments is now more difficult. Investors are wary of investing money in blockchain projects during the spread of coronavirus infection. Nevertheless, representatives of Andreessen Horowitz are confident in the success of the project, since cryptocurrencies are recovering faster than other assets and are strengthening in value. For example, after the last drop in bitcoin, which was recorded in early March, the crypto coin has already won back 82% of its value and is confidently moving up.

Andreessen Horowitz plans ...

Recall that the first cryptocurrency fund was created by Andreessen Horowitz back in 2018, at the peak of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Then the company offered its clients direct access to the purchase of tokens and cryptocurrencies, as well as favorable conditions for long-term investment. The first cryptocurrency fund Andreessen Horowitz has actively supported blockchain projects such as Dfinity, as well as projects aimed at creating digital currencies.

It should be noted that the global financial crisis has become one of the motivators for the growth of investor interest in cryptocurrencies. After the US Federal Reserve issued an additional 1.7 trillion.

Blockchain DAPP Project For Supply Chain

dollars, cryptocurrencies began to be considered as an alternative investment tool for institutional investors. Nevertheless, while large companies are in no hurry to invest in bitcoin, fearing increased volatility. It is likely that after the end of the panic caused by the coronavirus infection, investors will really start to invest more actively in cryptocurrencies..


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